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Default /web folder for FM-server

Question asked by Floor_IDGnet on Apr 13, 2012

Hi Forum,


For testing Java-scripting in FMSA I have to put some files in the same folder that FMPA (client) is using as default. A link to a file in this client-location looks like this: http://localhost:591/timer.html.

Soo I am looking for the equivalent for the "C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker Pro 11 Advancedweb" folder on a local machine.

The FMSA-testserver is running on Windows.


I have tried the same folder as for my own IWP_home.html but that didn't work. Also the default webserverlocation (http://localhost/) is not the right one. Putting a page with scripting outside the default location on a client- or server-machine disables the scriptingfunction.


Any suggestions please!