FM12 SLOW - open remote with another geographical location

Discussion created by melastudio on Apr 13, 2012
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Assuming that it should be safer and fast use Remote Desktop...

I've a good line and a good speed so I'm usual to do this way....


When I try to open remote a converted solution far away from me I noticed a really slow opening time: time doubled...

The soution is monofile, about 200Mb.


But the worst 2 things I've noticed are the following:

  • opening the "Manage Layout" I grow old waiting (less than a Hundred of layouts, grouped in about 20 folders); Scrolling down throught them it's also boring...
  • When, in layout node, I move from a layout to another, if the target layout contains many tabs and in some of those tabs there are a portal, I se the command-period cursor for a long time; it happens after the rendering of the layout; I can stop it but sometines it takes a long before disappearing... Usually it appears when sorting portals but in BROWSE mode NOT IN LAYOUT mode... Sure: the default TAB is the lighter one!


In this extreme conditions the "slow down" of filemaker 12 becomes evident!



Happy FileMaking