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    Fast User Switching on a Mac


      Does anyone use (FUS) Fast User Switching?


      The reason I ask is I just found out FMP/A doesn't sleep when the user is switched out. If FMP is logged into a database on user1 and Fast User Switching is used to start a session with user2 then FMP remains running under user1 and will continue to actively run scripts, etc.


      For example:

      We had a controller (robot) computer running a looping script under my account.

      On the same computer someone else logged in with a remote client (like ARD) and it started their own session with their account.

      When vewing the list of users for Fast User Switching both showed as being active.


      The second user had started FMP and set it to run the same looping script, thinking they were in the 'main' session. Both processed information and both continued running without any problems.

      (Except now the record was sometimes double processed §^=).


      We now had both user's running FMP and looping thru the controller script.


      AND both worked!!


      We tested it using FUS and both accounts were active, both were running scripts, and both showed up on the FMS Admin control panel. It looked like there was a phantom user when in fact there were two users witht eh same IP address.


      Note that this will only work with a FMP VLA. Individual licenses will return the "License in use" error.


      It appears that if you want to set up a virtual system on a Macintosh just create a coulple of accounts, turn on view Fast User Switching in each accounts preference, and switch between the accounts "as virtual users".

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          This works on Windows as well.




          For example, on one of my robot machines I have a scheduled script that is configured to “Run whether user is logged on or not.” Thus while my robot script is running, I can start FileMaker Pro (with VLA) and run a second instance.




          Very cool!




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