Single or multi file?

Discussion created by Luca_Pasini on Apr 14, 2012
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I'm using an FM solution built on 6 files, each of them including their own tables.

Someone suggested me to move toward a new "interface file", without internal tables, saying that it would be light and quick using with iPad.

Now I d'ont understand what is the best possible construction between the possible ones:

- 1 file with ALL tables;

- more files (as it is now);

- more table files with 1 interface file

- 1 interface file + 1 table file

Does FM12's engine provide any advantage from a specific construction? I saw the wonderfull SeedCode Complete solution, and it has more or less same content that mine...


My actual situation:

- File A with Account tables (about 16k main records + 32k related records)

- File B with Activity tables (abot 10k records)

- File C with emailer (external plug-in)

- File D Menù set up, users permissions

- File E some externale tables referring to addresses (Postal codes, In-Country codes, categories related to accounts, etc.)

- File F accounts tables (Agents) - non sense


Any suggestion for this poor salesman got "FM developper"? :-)