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Migration strategies

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Apr 14, 2012

Good day. I wanted to tap the community for ideas on migrating from 11 to 12, specifically when you have separate development and production environments in a sort of home-grown situation.


Here are my particulars. I have a web site and associated database hosted by a hosting company for production. For development, I use my iMac. Server 11 in both cases. In order to move to 12, I'll obviously need to test everything (the API and the database) in the 12 environment. However, it's my understanding that you can't run more than one instance of Server on a given machine, so, for testing purposes, I'd need to make some adjustments in my setup.


Options appear to be:


1) Installing 12 on the development box, then switching back and forth between 11 and 12 (turn one off, then turn the other on).

2) Get another machine to do version 12 testing.

3) Ask the hosting company to set up a test environment.

4) Some other option I haven't thought of.


I'll still need to have the 11 stuff around to do the day-to-day maintenance on the site, so I can't just shut it down completely until I'm ready to migrate. I also have several databases hosted on the iMac besides the development environment (home use stuff), so I'm bouncing around the option of purchasing a little Mac Mini to do the Server 12 hosting chores, then just keeping it around afterward. That would eliminate the inconvenience of having to keep switching things around during the transition period. On the other hand, the cost of another machine is annoying.


What is everyone else doing? Are you getting a second machine? What's your perception of "best practice" in these situations?