New features again are not really finished

Discussion created by intex on Apr 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by jormond

Some of the new features of FM12 are not really finished - same thing has happened in the past for example with script variables not working for every script step, conditional formatting not being conditional objects and so on. FileMaker is more and more getting like a big Swiss cheese. Nice and big but with many holes.


Current lacks are in my opinion:


- FM12 can´t import FM11, 10 or older data without conversion. So how should runtime users import data from an older solution without loosing text formatting and pictures ?


- FM GO is for free - great. But this way the desktop FM is even more expensive for those users, who just want to use a given database in a network. The networkable runtime is missing even more.


- CSS based layouts are cool, but why does FM Advanced not have a stylesheet editor. Why can´t there be styles for headers, group headers, field names, help texts and so on ? Why are there no predefined styles with the native look and feel of the operating systems ? Some of the given styles are really ugly and definitely unusable for serious work ("electric" is awful).


- The new "New window" command is great allowing us to define modal windows, dialogues and - thanks god - runtime solutions finally can have a close button. But why the hell can´t we change the settings on the fly for an existing window ? So we have to close an existing window and reopen it just for changing for example the maximize button state. A start dialogue window is getting difficult this way. And since when does a "dialogue window" have scrollbars ?


- FM12 will live for the next 12 to 18 months I guess - so it will be the program for Lion and Mountain Lion. Did the wholly Apple owned company FileMaker not hear of the new system features of the mother company's OS ? How about iCloud, full screen mode and unvisible scroll bars ?


- Why does the new Advanced not support the Mac App Store in any way ? The store is more than one year old now ...


Any other lacks in the new functionality ?