FM 12 hits the wrong targets!

Discussion created by jaybeemob on Apr 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by AllegroDataSolutions

Whilst the graded layout tools in FM 12 are a much welcomed addition, the omission of engraved layout objects is a real problem. Do FMI not recognise that engraved buttons are a key part of the iOS user interface? I was expecting the layout tools to include an engraved pointer 'back' button to enable layouts to follow iOS guidelines rather than see them disappear altogether! The ability to drag content into container fields is a great improvement but it is disappointing you cannot view most types of document without exporting them.


FMI appear to be aiming at a target of making the software simpler and less sophisticated when most FM developers need the target to be a greater level of sophistication and integration with corporate databases whilst still retaining the ease and speed of development. And what about greater synchronisation between multiple devices?


All together, I am disappointed with the upgrade (the first time in 21 years of using FM). I just hope FMI are taking note of the criticism. I don' want my money back ... but I do hope the next upgrade moves in the right direction.