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    Value List


      How do you sort a value list (used to display existing values) in descending order?

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          Hey there, 3633 ...


          I became so frustrated with the lack of flexibility for controlling the order of value lists, that I purchased the CNS Menu plug-in. Now I can sort lists in any order I like (using a custom function to sort a value list), or just create a list in a logical sequence (with dividers to group related values) that is not based on any particular sort.


          Once I switched to CNS Menu, I have found a thousand uses for it. For example, I can easily make the list of values change based on current context. This makes for a much more intelligent UI, as it presents a shortened list and ensures only appropriate values are shown (and selected).


          I highly recommend giving CNS Menu a trial run.

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            Hi Morgan Jones. Thank you very much for your suggestion! I will give CNS Menu a try.


            John Gipson