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    Using Themes in FM Server, Not working


      To my surprise using FM 12 server with a new FM 12 app design, I used Desert theme and when it was opened I got a dialog saying that only "Classic" theme was supported on the server! Pardon me is this FileMaker 12 the new app that uses themes? WHY would the server not allow a theme and be restricted to "Classic" on the FM server? Detail: the theme was shown on the screen after dismissing the dialog, but the buttons were gone, and the field shapes were different. To make this even better the summary calculations for the report were not shown. Then when I tried to do the sort to display the summary calclations FM Server ignored the sort and when I added a script change to force the sort it was also ignored???


      Has anyone seen this kind of functionality? If there are any FileMaker staff members out there what gives! Is this the way the new version is going to work where you buy the upgrade to find out it is crippled? What other surprises are we going to see as time moves forward? I would like to hear from other developers if you have a workaround or have other features that are not working?

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          Not sure what you mean by on the server.  If I'm running a server side script, there isn't any user input.  In fact all layouts could be blank since the script is doing all of the work.



          If I am opening a hosted database then all themes and layout features are available.


          Would you be a bit more explicit about the steps involved that showed that dialog?




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            As the other Bruce mentions - you seem to be leaving something out. Seem to be leaving a LOT out.


            You "opened" it with Instant web publishing?


            What are you really doing?

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              ontarget, are you by chance trying to view with IWP (Instant Web Publishing) and NOT with FMPro 12 client or FMG0 12?


              Please note this caveat with themes and IWP:


              "Tips for rendering layouts in Instant Web Publishing


                   You must select the Classic theme in the FileMaker Pro Layout Setup dialog for the layouts that you want to use for Instant Web Publishing. If your layouts use any other theme, the layouts are not supported for Instant Web Publishing."

              /end copy




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                I assumed that server should be clear as either hosted apps using IWP or PHP to manage the hosted app. Beverly quoted the text of the dialog correctly. As she stated I used the theme I wanted to use for the hosted app and the dialog stated on the server when opening the screen that the classic theme was the only one supported. There is nothing available that I have read that this was the approach FileMaker stated was limiting any IWP usage. I attened the developers conference last year and that was not a subject that was spoken about, in fact there were many features like themes that were offered as available in version 12.


                SO, I am trying to define if there are additional limits like themes that are not available for IWP. OR, if someone can state that there is a workaround that allows the use of the FM themes for IWP.


                Vaughn Clement

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                  A good place to look for documented product features and limitations would be the official product documentation.


                  Go to Filemaker Help; Product Documentation; Instant Web Publishing Guide.

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                    Hi to everyone who added comments on this issue:


                    I found a wealth of new information at this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfqTKlLFA20&feature=autoplay&list=PL2095A0D8D15CF4FD&lf=plpp_video&playnext=1


                    As it turns out the complex nature of the new themes is greater than I suspected. Matt Petrowsky' s video although a bit rushed still grasped the full story of the themes and the way to simplify the usage. As it turns out you can pick and choose parts of the layout themes to use in your design. As you will see in this video you need to understand the workarounds of the underlaying CSS code and the impact it has on the use of individual elements as opposed to picking the parts you want to use in the theme layout. The code in the theme is at the center of the problem of using the theme on the server. The code is not very IWP friendly on the whole. But you can use the theme parts to do the design. Look at the video and you will see what I am describing.