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Using Themes in FM Server, Not working

Question asked by ontarget on Apr 15, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by ontarget

To my surprise using FM 12 server with a new FM 12 app design, I used Desert theme and when it was opened I got a dialog saying that only "Classic" theme was supported on the server! Pardon me is this FileMaker 12 the new app that uses themes? WHY would the server not allow a theme and be restricted to "Classic" on the FM server? Detail: the theme was shown on the screen after dismissing the dialog, but the buttons were gone, and the field shapes were different. To make this even better the summary calculations for the report were not shown. Then when I tried to do the sort to display the summary calclations FM Server ignored the sort and when I added a script change to force the sort it was also ignored???


Has anyone seen this kind of functionality? If there are any FileMaker staff members out there what gives! Is this the way the new version is going to work where you buy the upgrade to find out it is crippled? What other surprises are we going to see as time moves forward? I would like to hear from other developers if you have a workaround or have other features that are not working?