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Picture taken by default by rear camera on ipad2 on every shoot

Question asked by 5203320970 on Apr 15, 2012
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Filemaker GO 12 on ipad 2 problem...


When I set a new empty container to take a picture or movie from the ipad2 camera, by default it's always use the rear camera. Switching to front one is ok, like switching to movie but... At the next take of picture, movie or picture switch is in the last position used, but not the choise of front or rear camera. It's always the rear camera by default... Is there a solution for set the default camera to the front one, not rear ? I think FMPGo use Apple camera apps, and I have try to found the URL sheme use for this but can't found it on google.. is there a solution, my database need to take only faces of the users of my ipad, not foots of them... Any other idears ? please help...


Thank you