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Portal, BOM, and order form

Question asked by job on Apr 16, 2012
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I hope that someone can help me with this. I am new to Filemaker and databas in general.

I have tried to search for some answers, but I uncertain what to search for.

I am trying to build a sort of BOM, bill of material list, from which I will generate new price list of certain product groups.



I have built a BOM like structure that seems to work, and I have also build a customer database that also seems to work, but now I want to connect these together.


The smallest part that I have is a “part” (1). These range from screws and bolt to larger stuff.

One or more “parts” forms a “spare part” (2)

One or more “spare parts” form a “sub assembly” (3)

One or more “sub assemblies” form an “assembly” (4)


“Parts” (1) do only have information about itself, price, supplier and such info.

(1) is connected to (2) trough another table called x_lines.

So the layout for “spare parts” (2) has a portal that lets me choose which parts (1) is included, and the result is stored in x_lines.


This is repeted for each step further up in my BOM.

So if I choose to change the price for a screw, it is directly shown on the end price for an assembly.

I can also re-use or change any spare parts or subassemblies that I made for a faster progress.


So far, so good…


But I also tired to connect this to an order form. I have customer data connected to the order form, and I would like to be able to add a portal and choose an item from any of these four tables.

If I connect “order_lines” ID to assembly then I can only choose an assembly.

What I would like is a drop-down list, that let me choose which type of part I need, if it is a (1) part, (2) spare part, and so on. And then lets me choose that ID from that table based on the part name from the same table.


Which would mean that I would have a portal that displays information and prices from up to four different tables at the same time?

Is that even possible and how do I do that?


I am thankful from any and all feedback regarding this!


best regards,