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Best Practice for Updating Files (Version Control?)

Question asked by bright_guy on Apr 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by bright_guy

Can anyone recommend best practices for updating database files? I am developing a solution for a customer -- let's call him Rex -- and periodically email him new versions.


1. How do I import existing records into the new versions? Can I script this, so Rex can do it himself, on his end?

2. How do I let Rex keep his old password?



The solution contains two FMP files: an interface and a data file (separtation model). Updates currently require Rex to change his password for BOTH files, which means he has to enter a new password four times. No joy.


For the next version, I'm planning for Rex to first e-mail me his latest, so I can import existing records into mine, then email it back. This can't be the best approach???


Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.