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    iPhone photo orientation - bug?



      First time poster. Grateful for any advice on this one.


      There appears to be a bug somewhere in FileMaker Pro/Go which results in any photo taken in portrait orientation by the Camera app on the iPhone (I don't know about the iPad as I only have the first iPad without the camera) being rotated to landscape mode inside a container field when imported into a database and subsequently viewed as part of the layout. There appears to be no option to "maintain orientation"; resizing container fields in layouts to try to encourage a portrait orientation has no effect.


      There is no problem if the photo is taken via the FileMaker Go app itself.


      Does anyone have any ideas? My end user needs to be able to add photos to their database retrospectively. It's great that FMG allows you to import from the iPhone Photo Library, but photo orientation needs to be maintained.


      Grateful for any help.



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          Stephen Huston

          According to posts some months back, photos taken on iPhone are actually taken is landscape as though the phone's volume control buttons were down/lower edge. Then the iPhone stores meta-data about the actual orientation and relies on that meta-data being interpreted properly by the reading program to reorient the image.


          Not all programs read it or interpret it correctly. This should be reported back to FMI if GO is not reading the iPhone's meta-data correctly.


          Check out the More Like This threads for additional info that's been reported on this.

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            Hi - thanks for your response.  I did search fairly thoroughly on here and in other fora before posting but I couldn't anything reporting the same problem.  I will feedback to FM in the hope this is a bug they can fix.


            Thanks again.

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              We've sent out emails to our end users to take their photos in landscape mode with the Home button on the left of the Touch or iPhone as they are looking at it.  It is then oriented correctly in a container without extra rotation steps.


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                I have a solution, albeit an unsatisfactory one.


                I get the user to install the Camera+ app (available on the app store) and use that to take their photos. When you import into the database on FMG there is no issue with orientation.  Plus, Camera+ allows you to create lower resolution images (1200x1200 max) which is much lighter than the hugh High Def Camera app images.


                Pity Apple's own solution doesn't work.


                Thanks for your replies guys.

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                  I came across this as well but when the images where emailed from the iPhone and then dragged into FMP - one quick work around seems to be forwarding the email (But don't send it) - this lock in the orientation and then you can drag the phones from the forwarded email. Hopefully v3 will solve this.

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                    2 Years Later and the bug perists in Filemaker Pro 12...but 13 does it right.


                    Why can't Filemaker update 12 to work correctly? Management seems to just abandon older versions when the new one ships. Filemaker Go 12 dissappeared from the app store when 13 arrived.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      Actually, I think removing 12 when 13 became available made perfect sense with Go and the iOS App store.


                      Why would they want a version out there that is basically client-only but cannot handle the newest features, when Go 13 as client can handle either.


                      With Pro, it's different because of the development capabilities.

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                        There are Filemaker Server installations that have not worked properly with photographs since the product shipped two or three years ago. Filemaker Inc has NEVER fixed the bug in 12 but seems to have done so in 13....  So, all of those server installations should update to 13? If you have a yearly license, this might not cost that much more.


                        The Go 13 app works great with itself locally or with Server 13 but when saving photos in a container to Server 12 they become flipped from portrait to landscape. This caused great anguish with a new client, and me. It's frustrating to look bad because the product is flawed. The bug has been known for several years and not fixed.


                        This client just renewed their license for 12. If I can get that changed to 13 everything will be fine except for the inevitable bugs that show up in any upgrade.


                        From the replies it seems there might be a 3rd party solution replacing the IOS camera app. I use a plugin to reorient the photos.


                        The annual license is beginning to look more appealing every day.

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                          One further thought, when a new version ships it is invariably buggy.

                          So replacing one product that has the bugs cleared out with a buggy

                          one is not a maker of happiness.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            I agree that the picture orientation deserves a fix from FMI to make good on their claims about FM Go integration with iOS.


                            I still think removing an older app in favor of one which better supports new features is a good move, not instantly on the new release, but after some debugging rev. I don't recall any version where all of the known bugs were eventually fixed, even in the ultimate rev before the next version number — imperfect world, imperfect people, imperfect code.