iPhone photo orientation - bug?

Discussion created by haircode on Apr 16, 2012
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First time poster. Grateful for any advice on this one.


There appears to be a bug somewhere in FileMaker Pro/Go which results in any photo taken in portrait orientation by the Camera app on the iPhone (I don't know about the iPad as I only have the first iPad without the camera) being rotated to landscape mode inside a container field when imported into a database and subsequently viewed as part of the layout. There appears to be no option to "maintain orientation"; resizing container fields in layouts to try to encourage a portrait orientation has no effect.


There is no problem if the photo is taken via the FileMaker Go app itself.


Does anyone have any ideas? My end user needs to be able to add photos to their database retrospectively. It's great that FMG allows you to import from the iPhone Photo Library, but photo orientation needs to be maintained.


Grateful for any help.