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    Borders cause box to print


      I use bottom line of borders when I have a real number field to make the decimal position clearer. On FileMaker 12 this field looks okay, previews okay but when you print the field you can see the outline of a box on the field. If you print to pdf, it looks okay but it also shows a box when you print it. Any idea how to prevent the box from printing? It did not print a box on FileMaker 10?

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          Within inspector, position tab, sliding and visibility, there is an object visibility with the option to hide when printing. Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the idea, but when I check the hide option, it hides the entire field, not just the box around the field.

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              Stephen Huston

              Is the field's Fill set to None? Even if set to white/paper color it may create a shadow based on the Theme.

              Or any conditional formatting on that field?

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                The field's Fill is set to none and there is no conditional formatting set on the field.  When I deselect the bottom line, the box goes completely away and when I check any side of the box, you see an outline of the box, but only when you print the form.  It does not show up on Preview or Browse.  If you save as a PDF, the PDF looks okay until you print it and then you also see the outline of a box around the field.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  That bit about the PDF printing differently than it looks is really unexpected.


                  Because FM now considers Print and Preview to be different window modes, I know how (but not why) they can be different straight out of FM, but that the PDF would have different Print/Preview states inherited from FM is completely unexpected and out of sync with prior versions and experience.


                  Can you post the FM12 file for review? This issue should go to FMI for review if we can't get it sorted.

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                    Here's an update.  When the PDF is viewed with Adobe Acrobat, the boxes show up as well as print.  When the PDF is viewed by Preview, the boxes do not show up, but do show up when you print.  So maybe there is two problems?  1) even when just using bottom line, Filemaker prints a box around the field and 2) Preview either cannot handle something that Filemaker sends it or Filemaker sends something that Preview does not know about.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      I can confirm that the PDF you supplied is different when viewed in Acrobat and in Mac's Preview application. However, neither of those programs is an FM issue.


                      Was the PDF created with FM's Save to PDF options, or generated at the OS level via the print dialog box?


                      I think you should report this directly to FileMaker and offer to supply them the FMP12 file for their evaluation if it prints directly from FM differently than it Previews in FM's Preview Mode.


                      If the difference is only in the PDF, that's not fully a problem of FM, but I suspect they would want to know about even that if it's coming out of FM's Save as PDF functions.

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                        Thanks for your help.  Both Save/Save to PDF and Print/Save as a PDF shows this problem.  I will report it to Filemaker and Apple.  Who knows?

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                          Hi Tom,


                          I have the exact same issue, and it's really annoying, I have a lot of layouts that used to generate perfect pdfs in FM11, and now it's all ugly, and it's a realy pain to  redo everything without being able to use field borders, not to mention that all the single lines you draw when sliding up are also moved 1pt the left... I'm getting really sick of this, I already lost so many hours trying to fix my layouts...  I really hope they fix it soon...


                          I did report it to filemaker: