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    Problems with FMS12 console


      I have been having some real problems. I installed the dev version of FMS12adv onto a win7 64 bit machine and at the end of the install the console could not connect to the server. I uninstalled Java which was an older version and installed a newly downloaded 64 bit version.

      I got it to work ok... for about 5 minutes then it cuts out and quits. Any ideas????


      Also... I look at this server with FMgo and it seems to see the server but not the 2 files that the server tells the console are open and available. Anybody else having these kind of problems? I've never seen these issues before.

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          There is an Java update due to the recent trojan issue that turns off webstart apps in the Java preferences (in Utilities folder).

          Could that be it?


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            What does "cuts out and quit" look like?  What kind of errors and or warnings does it display and what is reported in the Windows event log (both application and system logs)?

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              The reply message is that the Console cannot communicate with the server. The Java Console shows some kind of thread error, then the console app quits .


              This does not happen right away. For about 5 to 10 minutes it works and I have already uploaded a file.

              If no one else is seeing this then my guess is the problem is related to my LAN architecture.

              I am doing this on a Fusion dsl connection. This uses 8 fixed IPs and the connection already has FMS11 on one of the IPs.  I have a switch after the modem which connects to a Router which forwards to the FMS11 machine and the win7 PC I am trying to turn into an FMS.


              BTW I also cannot connect to server via WAN... so I am starting to suspect that this may not work. This whole thing should not have been necessary.

              WHYOHWHYOHWHY did FMI use the SAME port numbers for FMS12?!?!?!?

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                I found my issue with the Fusion account and FMS12Adv Dev is working and talking via WAN.

                What is NOT working is the Admin console!  Working locally...(I.E. LocalHost:16000) or via WAN access from another machine, it craps out after just a few minutes of working.

                Here's the Java console output:


                Caused by: java.io.EOFException

                at java.io.DataInputStream.readByte(Unknown Source)

                at com.ulcjava.base.shared.internal.UlcDataInputStream.readByte(UlcDataInputStream.java:12)

                at com.ulcjava.base.shared.internal.UlcObjectInputStream.a(UlcObjectInputStream.java:58)

                at com.ulcjava.base.shared.internal.UlcObjectInputStream.readObject(UlcObjectInputStream.java:27)

                at com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ConnectorCommand.handleResponse(ConnectorCommand.java:57)

                at com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ConnectorCommand.execute(ConnectorCommand.java:76)

                at com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ServletConnector.executeCommand(ServletConnector.java:9)

                at com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ServletConnector.a(ServletConnector.java:26)

                at com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ServletConnector.sendRequests(ServletConnector.java:57)

                at com.ulcjava.base.client.UISession$o_.run(UISession$o_.java:53)

                at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


                Anybody get the admin console working OK with FMS12Adv ii a win7 box???

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                  Interesting how I get NO REPLYS!!!!




                  It crashes when WAN accessed with Win7, XP, and Mac OSX Lion as well as locally on the hosted machine!



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                    Open up the Java control panel or admin app (not the Server admin app) and delete any Java caches.

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                      That was the first thing I tried. Deleted all the temp files. Set it to direct as well.

                      The Admin Console runs anywheres from 0 secs to 5 minutes... then this shows in the console:


                      1  18.04.2012 12:57:30.565 900 WARNING Thread[ULC Communication Controller Thread,6,javawsApplicationThreadGroup] com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ConnectorCommand handleResponse RETURN [false]

                      2  18.04.2012 12:57:38.037 900 WARNING Thread[ULC Communication Controller Thread,6,javawsApplicationThreadGroup] com.ulcjava.container.servlet.client.ConnectorCommand handleResponse RETURN [false]


                      All virus protection is shut off. No firewalls.


                      Never had ONE problem with the admin console in FMS11!


                      Anybody install FMS12 on a win7 box and had the Admin console work OK?!?!?

                      IS THIS MY MACHINE OR FMS12?!?

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                        Hi Andy,

                        since you wondered about no replies...


                        In the FMS12 documentation is stated that Win 7 is not supported for deployment. There can be too many issues with that system so why bother even testing it.

                        I do assume that you want to have a testdrive for the new server and do not want to invest into a Win Server License for that purpose.

                        I suggest getting a hosted server somewhere (in Eurpoe that could be HostEurope.com for example) at about 50$ a month, including Win Server R8 lots of disc space and a 2-4 core 64 bit processor with sufficient RAM.


                        But I do admit that I've been seeing issues with FMS Admin Console on various installations already.

                        All of them appeared on systems that clients had installed, partly even IT staff, but had NOT FOLLOWED the documented installation procedure thoroughly.

                        If, for example, on an out of the box Win Server installation, IIS7 is added to the services, you must manually start the Windows' update procedure. Else Admin console will safely crash when pressing the Statistics tab. And do not forget to restart the windows machine after every update or installation. Only when everything is fine and running do disable any automatic updates.


                        But for the last answer you put, wether it is your machine or FMS12, I cannot answer, a deep analysis has to be made.



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                          Thanks at least for the reply. 

                          FMS12 is certified for Win7 professional. FMI says nothing about Win7 Home Premium or Win7 Ultimate.  This is unfortunate. While as a one time head of a SW Qual team I fully understand the effort certification of SW takes... but that is NO EXCUSE! FMI makes good profit on it's products and only certifying 1 flavor of a 3 flavor OS is not meeting the buyers needs.


                          Ok... enough complaints...


                          I WAS ABLE to get FMS 12 and it's admin console to work perfectly FINE with Win7 Home Premium.


                          Turns out disabling an Anti-virus program may not be enough...  AVG still had a hidden process running. How to find it?  Go to Task Manager and watch the processes until the alert comes up in the Jave Console window.  A previously unseen AVG process jumped to the top right before the warning showed. Complete removal of AVG and the FMS Admin Console works ok.


                          Win7 home installs have all the exact same components as Win7 Pro and Win 7 Ultimate...  the differences are simply in what Msoft enables. Why not use Win7 Home Premium for FMS 12?  Actually there's a couple of good reasons to NOT use it. 1. No IIS, i.e., no inherent http and getting php on it may be just as problematic. So IWP and other web support is a non starter for Win7 Home. 2. No admin support SW such as remote terminal, etc.

                          Why use it? Well, seeing how an upgrade to Pro is around $71 which really is not much... there's no good reason... So IMO I would not use it... but I KNOW I will have clients who will and who do not ever have a need for IWP and now I know I can meet their needs.

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                            Hi Andy


                            Thanks for the post. I have been having the same problem this morning, by removing AVG it seems to have been solved.


                            If it helps I am running Windows 7 Professional. So it seems to be AVG not the Windows version.





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                              Im getting exactly the same issues, admin console quits after say 5 minutes as cannot connect to server. Ive disabled everything I can think of but not uninstalled avg, maybe I will try that next. I too am useing windows 7 pro 64 bit, new machine nothing else on it




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                                Sad times when you have to reply to your own post.


                                Ive uninstalled AVG and all is now running ok. Question is though which is at fault?


                                AVG or FM. Surely I should be able to have anti virus on a pc that connects to the internet

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                                  "Open up the Java control panel or admin app (not the Server admin app) and delete any Java caches."


                                  This was so key! It is worth noting that these preferences can be administrated through the control panel which is found in:


                                  Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences