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    More than blocking port 5003


      Trying to share a single FM database on hosted FM server. Able to connect as expected from my machine on my network, but the other person involved who is connected via a UVerse business connection 800 miles away absolutely cannot "see" the database.


      At first, it seemed to be a simple firewall issue. Opened port 5003, but that didn't allow her Mac to see it.


      Worked with UVerse's tech support to configure the Motorola NVG510 so that Mac in question has it's own static IP address. Firewall turned off on the Mac (for this experiment at least). Does NOT see the database on the remote host. I uploaded a second database just for testing and it doesn't see that either. All the while, the database is accessible just fine from my network.


      I've looked in her keychain, but there's no "bad" account/password stored there.


      The Filemaker hosting service has been responsive, but is out of ideas and says the problem is with the the person's modem/router/network/firewall. I agree.


      When I remote into her machine, and port scan the FM Server's port 5003, it comes back positive.


      What else couild be interfering? The modem/router is rather limited on configurability, and is not something easily changed out.



      My machine is runnig Mac OS X 10.6.8 and FM 11

      Her's is running 10.6.8 and FM 9.0.3

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          Check a couple of things...


          Is the database set to open in FM 11 only?

          Is the db available for all priv sets and users?

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            Look for and check EVERY router between the client computer and the server. There could, for instance, be a firewall on box used for the office wifi.


            DavidZachary's suggestion is good, regarding the client using FMP 9. It has a problem with SSL certificates... check wther the FMS is using secure connections.


            I'd look for a trial of FMP 11 to install ont he client's machine.

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              The 'prevent openign with earlier versions' limitation is unchecked


              I do have a custom priv set for the account we are both using, but am able to login from my network just fine. But the database never appears under the remote server on hers.

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                As far as the network goes, I'm 98% sure that one modem/router is the only device controlling the network. After two hours and four AT&T technicians (only one of whom really knew her stuff), I didn't anything else interfering with the network. I wouldn't put it past AT&T to have some a wacky network configuration outside of their building, though.


                Good point about the server requiring secure connection. Will find out.


                Yes will try the FM11 trial if I can still download it now that FM12 is out.

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                  Take the router out of the equation - take the laptop to Starbucks and see if you can see the database over the wifi there or create a link to the database on your machine and send it to the remote one.

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                    I wish I could. It's 800 miles away (I'll be there in July), the user there knows nothing about routers & networks, and it's an iMac. And I already asked AT&T to replace the modem, but they won't because it's working fine as far as they are concerned.


                    Creating a link to a remote database...how do I do that?

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                      A couple of things that you seem to be confusing:


                      - her Mac does not need a static IP address... the internet connection where the FMS machine is needs a static internet address (the server also needs a static internal LAN ip address).

                      - port 5003 needs to be open on the internet connection where the server is, not on her end.  So scanning her machine is not useful


                      You seem to indicate that your FMS is in the cloud with a hosting service.  And since you can connect to it, there is nothing that needs to be done on the FMS side.  Something is blocking access to the hosted FMS from her end.


                      As David mentioned: have her go out of where she usually is to where there is another internet connection (a public WiFi spot, a friend's house,...) and try from there.

                      That will tell us if the issue is with her network (her router) or with her machine.

                      It could be that her internet is simply too slow to make the connection (connection times out even before FMS is reached).


                      What address did you give her for the connection?  A DNS name?  (something like   FMS007.myhost.com)?

                      Have her do a trace route to that address from the terminal.


                      Link to a remote db: you make a standalone FM file that has a file reference to the hosted file, and a script to open that hosted file.  This lets her avoid having to go to "open remote" and type in that DNS name and so on.

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                        Just a thought...


                        You may want to confirm that she does not have any 3rd party software Firewalls like Little Snitch etc...  These can block outgoing communications if not set right.

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                          I noticed that your colleague is running FM v9.  Has this update been applied:



                          There was an issue with the server.pem file which prevented hosted files from being seen.

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                            good thought, but no, her setup is basic Mac OS 10.6.8

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                              I think you might have a bullseye. Will install once I can get access to her machine.

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                                That was it! Problem solved!