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Interest for Linking with Photo Apps

Question asked by tortoise62 on Apr 16, 2012

There are alot of apps that provide functionality for the iPhone. Many times I find myself taking a picture, then using more than one app to get my desired result. Recently I ran across this post:


It is open source code that enables IOS Photo Apps to collaborate. Personally, I have a client that needs to upload pictures into his FileMaker database using the iPhone. His employees are resisting adaptation because the photo is too large to upload. He tried a photo resizer, but then they complained there were too many steps - each app had to save to the camera roll; take picture with embedded gps; save to camera roll; find and open the photo resizer app; open the picture from the camera roll; resize and save to camera roll; then upload via FileMaker Go. What a pain!


Recently, two geniuses put together a collaborative tool and made it available to all IOS developers.

The library is a joint effort of Gustavo Ambrozio [LinkedIn] and Hendrik Kueck from PocketPixels, maker of the ever top selling ColorSplash.

Their story is found here:


If you find this compelling, I urge you to let FileMaker know that they should include this code. The code is free, and connects FileMaker to every other app that participates. It also provides us developers greater tools to provide better apps.


It's no secret that the IOS sandbox frustrates developers from tapping into other apps, but this open source code can expose all photo related apps to FileMaker and our databases!


If there are any FileMaker moderators, please pass this request on...