Need help Please - Table Relationships for a Check-In Layout for Event Management?

Discussion created by inov8pro on Apr 17, 2012
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Using FMP12 Advanced:


I'm desperately trying to understand the Event Management solution from FMP11.


For the most part I am using this solution as is but I want to create a "Check-In" Layout that I can have users check-in guests. I need a way to create a relationship between the "Event" table and the "Contact" table so that a user can search the "Contact" table and find a contact. Then I would use a buttion with a script to input the record into the "Event_EventGuest_Contact" record and then the script would contiue and print a badge.


The "EventGuest" joiner table seems to be to create new records only so I can't search my "Contact" table with say the "Event_EventGuest_Contact" table occurance because that is used to create new Guests for a specific Event. However, in the portal area under the Guest tab you can do a search by "Full_Name" but only in the potal.


I've attached the stater solution. If you are using FMP12 it converts quickly.


I only have a coupe of weeks to come up with a solution.


Any help would be much appreciated.