FMS 11: Client(FMP11) on Windows 7 data not visible

Discussion created by usbc on Apr 17, 2012
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I need some help, please.

I have a new client who is hosting their solution on a new, dedicated Windows 7 Professional computer in their HQ building,

Their users have new Dell laptops on Windows 7. (all the FileMaker software is up to date)


On two separate occations while working with one of their users (me using FMA 11 on a Mac 10.6) I will populate a field with content and the Win 7 user can not see the new data.

I know that the data has been committed and can even do a find on it, etc. I can move over to one of my Win XP machines / login and see that data. But still not visible to the Win 7 user.

Further, the aggreagate totals (these are number fields) on the XP and Mac computers adjust to the new data, as expected. But not on the Win 7 machine. (including the next day)


Everything else seems to work fine (excluding some printing issues). The connection appears to be stable and the speed is acceptable, etc. .

Short of reinstalling everyone's applications, I've done all the things I can think of like restarting, window refresh, finding a different set of records and returning.

The commonalities of these two occasions are limited to both being number fields. One is a calculation / one was a straight number field but did a Replace Content to the whole table. These two occations happened in different tables of a single file solution. Other operations have and continue to work as expected. This is a mature solution and working fine on other mixed platforms.

I'm stuck.