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    Admin Console could not Start: Admin Server unavailable


      The title is the problem which resulted from trying to fix a problem before this error occurred, here is the history:


      I installed FileMaker server 12 onto a server that has two network adapters, one at and the other at


      The IIS webserver is at and not at x.x.x.45, I tried configuring the webservices in FileMaker with localhost, the actual ip address and the machine name, yet despite this, it insisted on installing into IIS for web publishing at the IP address of ( the secondary network card ).


      To force it to use the correct IP address I used an option to limit which IP address to use ( I can't remember the edit option / screen and can't obviously get back in! )


      Anyway, It told me I had to restart FileMaker server and now I have the error message in the Admin Console when I try and reload the server.


      Any Ideas?


      I'm completely stuck because I can't get back into the software :-S




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          Ok. I'm answering my own question here.


          It seems FileMaker server gets very confused with two or more network cards on the same machine, and very much so if you try and force it to an IP address.


          My workaround was to delete the XML files out of the admin\conf folder except the deployment.xml, disabled all but the networking card pointing to the webserver, and then opened up the admin page from http://localmachine:16000 and reconfigured the server and hey presto it's now pointing at the correct card, then I reenabled the other cards again. I also had to remove IPv6 from the cards as this seemed to give the webserver in filemaker a random IP address of or similar, which isn't even in my networks range!


          Anyway, it seems ok, just need to workout how to publish so I can test using a database through a browser :-S