Sliding Tab Controls

Discussion created by christopherc on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by karendweaver

I have a tab control on a report layout that has two tabs. One tab is blank and the other tab contains a label and a text field. I have a script the selects the proper tab upon record load, depending on whether data is present in the text field or not. I would like the tab control to 'slide' so that nothing appears if the empty tab is displayed, or if there is data the label and text box with the text box shrunk to the actual size of the data contained in it. Is this possible. What I really would like to accomplish is not to display a label if there is no associated data. I have already created two separate report layouts depending on whether there is data in a portal, and I would like to avoid having to create multiple layouts depending on what combination of data is present.


I am also having a second problem on the same report layout using a merge field. I created a 'city state zip' merge field using data from a related table. Instead of displaying the related data, I am seeing the table name along with the current time displayed. If I create a merge field on the same layout using data from the primary table the merge field works fine. I saw a thread where someone else was having the similar problem, and the recommendation was to use a calculated field. Is there an issue with using fields from a related table in a merge field?