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    Delete Portal Row FM12 Problems


      Delete Portal Row does not seem to be working correctly. Some work some don't... Changing the Allow Deletion of Portal Records has no effect on preventing or allowing deletion.


      I do understangd that this is a major version update... and I am reasonably certain that FM will address the many issues that I and others find... but based on the testing I have done so far... I think FM12 got out of the cage a bit before it was ready. At this stage I will NOT deploy or convert anything to FM12 until it is fixed.


      Feels like a beta to me.

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          I've had portal row deliting problems in 11 ... not necessarily a 12 thing.

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            I just finished converting a file from v11 to v12 and don't seem to be having any issues with Delete Portal Row.

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              Tested with scratch FMP12 and converted FMP11 to FMP12 files and find no issues with Delete Portal Row.


              Can you describe your situation further?

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                Stephen Huston

                We had a lot of issues getting portal row deletes behaving nicely in 11 with complex portals and a multi-file system. Some questions that we had to consider were:

                • Is this a scripted delete, or a button set to run the  script step of deleting portal row?
                • Is the portal sorted or filtered or even both?
                • If this a multi-file system with the child records in a different file from the parent?
                • If multi-file, are the delete permissions in both files the same for the same accounts?

                We had to tinker with lot of stuff to make portal deletes simple and reliable.


                Stephen Huston

                PS: feels like every  file format upgrade to me.

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                  Hi Michele


                  Thanks for your feedback.


                  Basically it is just a quick test file I threw together from scratch in FM12... (not converted)...  I have a relationship based on a date range and status in the Parent table to a child table... The fields in the parent table are Global.  The relationship works as it should.  I created a button which performs the delete portal row script step.  When I click the button the record will not delete... I have also tried using a script attached to the button as well as both options with or without dialog... It will bring up the confirmation dialog box but will not delete the related record when I select delete... I made sure the button is well withing the row boundries of the portal row.  I also made sure that the Allow Deletion option was selected in the portal settings.


                  Additionally I made a copy of the portal and changed it to a different relationship.. That will delete... But... turning off the Allow Deletion option in the portal does NOT stop the row from being deleted in that portal.  There is nothing in either relationship that should cause this... Have done this type of relationship hundreds of times in FM11 and earlier and never had a problem...  I have never had a problem like this at all prior to FM12...


                  I am using a Macbook Pro 2011 with Snow Leopard.  It is a single file Full Access for security.





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                    Found the first problem... I "stupidly" did not have a record in the Parent ( Global ) file...  The issue with the Allow Deletion option is still a mystery.