Using FileMaker 12 with the JAWS screen reader for Windows

Discussion created by MikeZarin on Apr 17, 2012
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Hi all,


I consulted with a new (Windows-only) client yesterday on making their FM solution accessible to a new hire who's legally blind (thanks, FM 12, without you this would have been a much bigger deal!). We ran into some issues with the JAWS screen reader app for Windows and wondered if there's something we're missing.


JAWS works well, generally, but there's one important area where it's failing, which seems unique to FM (as in, other applications work ok, FM 12 doesn't). This has to do with JAWS announcing a character when using arrow keys to navigate through a block of text. E.g. If the cursor is at the beginning of the word "dog" and the user hits the right-arrow key, in e.g. Internet Explorer, JAWS announces "D," while in FM 12, there is no such announcement. The reason this feature is important is that, when the user is taking down someone's e.g. email address over the phone, she can read it back character by character to make sure she entered it correctly.


The good news is that the Mac OS X built-in VoiceOver screen reader I demoed for them seems to do everything the person needs, with a little coaxing. But before the client goes out and drops $$ on a new Mac, they want to know if there's something they can do to make JAWS work correctly (or if this might be an FM bug).


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,