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Problem with PC/Mac links to files in containers

Question asked by fmvet on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by fmvet

We've encountered a problem opening files (PDFs primarily) placed in container fields. The files are stored in a folder on a server along with FM11 (PC version) and the FM database, and are placed in a container field as references (links) to the actual files.


We have both PCs and Macs as clients.


When a file is placed as a reference in the container by a PC, a PC can open the file, but a Mac can't find the file; similarly, when the file is placed by a Mac, PC users can't find/open the file.


We need to be able to have both PCs and Macs place files in containers and open all files that are placed in the container.


Is this normal behavior? Is there a workaround?