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    FMSA11 - Freezing in IWP


      Good Day,


      We have an interesting issue. We have a solution that is available through IWP for many users. We typically encounter issues with some of users when the click a button, the site freezes and does nothing for a few minutes. This is quite akward and provides a dissapointing experience for our users.


      The server logs report Error 500 and Error 400 for web publishing.


      Has anyone encountered similar issues; could it be in the FMSA install?


      Any help is appreciated.




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          Stephen Huston

          Some possible issues:

          1. Do all users get an error if they attempt to use a specific button, or is it just some users -- while others can use that button?
          2. What is the button programmed to do?

          In FMPro:

          • Error 400 indicates a find is being atempted without any criteria
          • Error 500 indicates a file is not available via http/web access

          (Haven't found those numbers as separate errors in server.)


          Error 500 might be tiggered if a related file does not have IWP Extended privileges enabled for the user's account group. This would cause issues only for users in specific user groups.


          We encountered some issues when we first moved to FM11 of needing to increase the number of allowed file connections  in the server settings. How heavy is the user load at the time of these errors?

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            It is quite an interesting errror. All of a sudden nothing works in IWP. I beleive all users experience this same issue. No matter what you click it will not initiate anything. Then after a certain period of time the site responds and then everything is working without a problem.


            This is the error that we get at least once daily:


            2012-04-18 00:58:26 Publishing Engine Error  FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Error: 400


            Could this be an issue of a find attempting without any criteria which would cause the database to freeze?