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    Need a fast "counter"?


      Have a client who does a walk-thru in an office and needs to count furniture items; desks, chairs, etc... on an iPad. Have tried with a script (eg: setField(Desks; Desks + 1), and script trigger (OnObjectEnter running the previous script) which increases the number in a field by the appropriate amount (+1 or +10). Each has a slight lag from first touching the screen to when the amount changes. Would like to have it be more instantaneous. Any ideas?




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          Stephen Huston

          A plus-button to run the script might perform faster than the script trigger.

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            Sorry, wasn't clear. That's what I meant when I said I tried with a script (using a button) and "also" a script trigger running the same script. The setField step above is what runs off the button. Client said it seems a little slow and because he's a friend I can say that he is normally a little impatient about most things.

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              I would have though the SetField option would be the simplest approach for speedy data entry.


              Have you asked your friend if it's actually slower than physically writing it onto a piece of paper and tallying it up at the end? Perhaps the data entry process isn't much faster, but the overall result may be. It's all about perception.




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                Stephen Huston

                We are talking touch-screens here, and their responsiveness  is set to make sure every accidental brushing of the surface isn't registered as intentional input. This avoids touchscreen devices becoming too touchy to use. I think the built-in hardware lags just have to be accepted.


                I like Marc's comment about perceptions, and  all speed is relative. FM Go  beats a pad of paper and a really fast pencil.

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                  Very much agree with you both. Just have to convince him. I'll stick with the direct script approach for now. Thanks