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FileMaker 12 Basic

Question asked by DaveRawcliffe on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by hschlossberg

Is FileMaker's fmp12 a database, Yes or No.


Is it something more, Yes or No.


I would hope it is a database, Yes with augmentation, maybe.





Up thru FM 11 this was basically true. Incremental upgrades were by and large specific to database engine enhancements.

Of which few of us outsiders were privy to.


The .fp5 to .fp7 leap was straight forward & understandable, .fp7 was still a database.


Now we have the .fp7 to .fmp12 leap. Incremental database enhancement has been left behind, we are now playing in the Graphic Arts arena.


I don't give a damn about ESS, CSS, SQL, IWP, CWP and all those other three letter "THING A MABOBS"


If previous working things don't work, then an upgrade is unsuccessful.


Take something way from a client, there is going to be a Royal Outrage, witness all these threads.





I don't want to be forced to implement all those new fantastical available 3 letter thingies.


I want to take what I have and move forward making it better and Not to Have to Repair years of work.





I will admit I was enrolled in one of the previous ETS programs & I Blew it by not getting involved until too late (to much FM work to do, don't convert to Beta) and as a result didn't contribute much.


This .fmp12 ETS go round is a major restructure & not an incremental upgrade. Things that should have been caught weren't.


With that said, I would make the COMMENT that all involved in the ETS 12 program had a responsibility to say "BASTA" something is off, let's discuss / fix it.


Both sides in this rev had skin in the game. MOST if not ALL the gripes we are now witnessing should have been caught and closed before this release.


I mean 2 years in development and "testing", give me a break.