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    File Size - FileMaker 12 conversion


      I just converted two files over from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 12. Conversion went flawlessly. The are different files but in both case the initial files were 5MB the new fmp12 file is 15MB. Anyone experience this kind of increase in size.



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          I did experience a file size increase. To bring it back down i went to File / Save a Copy As and saved a compacted copy.

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            Yes Martin, huge file increase on small files, compacted FMP12 files are bigger than compacted FMP 11 files. Of course the biggest the file to begin with, the less the file size increases. That's because it's mostly structure bloat, so on big files with many data, the structure is a small % of the overall filesize, hence it's much less noticable on big files.

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              Thanks Matt and Vince


              Save as reduced the file size to 11- 12 so still a little bigger.


              When I compress the file to a zip file it shrinks to just over a MB. The fp7 file compresses to a larger file.


              Thanks for confirming this with me. I wanted to make sure this increased file size wasn't due to some problematic conversion issues.

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                Stephen Huston

                I also found that smaller files where the file overhead itself was most of the size as opposed to data, tended to increase, which indicates structural changes. If you examine the Conversion log you will see that the file structures were changed, rebuilt, and new indexes were built from the ground up.


                On the other hand, I had one really huge file whcih had a very simple structure but huge container field storage, and it did not change sizes in any readily visible amount. Of course when your file starts as 9.82 GB and ends as 9.82 GB after conversion, it's hard to identify an increase of 1 MB due file structure changes.


                It's the old form vs content dichotomy... Only in the most extremely large/complex or small/simple files can you identify the likely reasons for the size changes.


                Complex files will show larger increases due to structural conversions, but only in line with how structure compared to data in the original file. The data itself may actually be reduced (seen if container fields are involved, though we find that this was obvious only when changing container storage types).