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Omit referenced container files in scheduled backups

Question asked by abross86 on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I'm really excited about the managed containers in Filemaker 12, which will allow me to store documents externally on the server without worrying about mounting a file server on clients. There is one major problem, however. Our file server (all files are referenced by container fields in filemaker) has about 200gb of data at the moment, and is growing constantly. When fm server 12 performs a scheduled backup, it would take all of this data with it. On our current setup we run a backup every 30 minutes, so this is just not viable, from both a speed and storage capacity perspective. I realize that there is now the option to do progressive backups, but we need to have archived backups of just the database files at least daily. With progressive backups this doesnt seem possible since only the changes are being stored.


I've tried several possible solutions, such as using an alias (ive tried hard linking as well) in the RC_Data folder to point to a directory elsewhere. This won't work, however, because I get an error that filemaker cannot access external storage. Hard linking wont work either, since the files still get copied with each backup.


I realize this can be done with supercontainer, however I'd much prefer to use the built-in features if possible. I've tried supercontainer, and it would require a lot of rewriting that I want to avoid.


The only viable solution I can think of is to keep the container fields in tables in their own file, and omit that file in the scheduled backups. This would mean Id have to do some manual synchronization to ensure that those tables were backed up.


Has anyone else run into this issue or have a practical solution? It seems odd to me that there wouldnt be the simple option of omitting the RC_Data folder in backups. Maybe in 12.1...