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    FMPA Portal Problem


      I have just moved from File Maker II to FMPA12. I do miss the old ease of making a running database without any coding. I also miss using Work and excel files as a template for the layout. However FMPA12 is much more powerful and can produce elegant solutions if one spends the time.


      My Question is how do I update a Child of Child table. If I put the Child in a Portal I cannot have a Portal within a Portal or can I, If I put one field of Child of Child in the first Portal, I get duplicate records of the assert in the Child of Child. I am using the Invoice starter in FMPA12 to build on. In Customer table I have a Portal of Client, This Client is then linked to an Assert. Because Client to Assert is many to many I have an intermediate table to allow one to many using KP of Child and KP of Assert with Customer ID KP in all. I was thinking of using a window to show the Client when user wants to update the Client in the Customers layout and using scripts to put the values in the Child of Child Table.


      Another question to experienced developers is would it be better to immediately change the Relationship graph to Anchor Squid model? Or should I continue with Chaos model and use satellite for special usages.




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          Stephen Huston

          PORTAL ISSUE


          One idea: use a portal directly from Parent to Grandchild, but set up a global field for filtering the portal with a value list of the Children.


          If you set up the calc correctly, you will have a portal in the parent layout which shows only the Grandchildren records when you  selected a Child for showing the Grandchildren.


          You can  set the filter calculation so that nothing appears until a Child name is selected.


          On the Squid system


          It has been reported that, while the anchor-bouy approach is easier to read and keep intelligible in a graph, having multiple disconnected TO-groups can slow some file processes.


          I recommend using whatever is easiest for you to read, but try to avoid unconnected multiple groups. Hint: you can  draw connections between multiple TOs of a Parent-like Table to be related by their primary Key in a sel- join to keep otherwise separate TO-groups connected. This will complicate your drop-down list of related tables, so be very clear in your TO naming convention so you can tell which is which from anywhere in the file.

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            Thanks Stephen


            I have set up one extra Portal on Customer only to show one flied of grandchild, This works well as is only a view portal.

            The Prolem is how to add records to Child and to Grandchild using Customer KP and Child KP while preventing grandchild from making duplicates of assert names.



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              Stephen Huston

              It's not clear what the problem is if your adding records via the portal. Please provide details of the portal setups and the problem(s) you are encountering.