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FileMaker Pro database, Dropbox and multiple users

Question asked by itraining on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by Vaughan

I have a client, who has been continually frustrated with the networking performance of FileMaker Pro for the past 2 years. It is a small company with 3 users in 2 separate locations. The database is 62 tables, only 50 Mb built with anchor-bouy relationships, including some calendars (the old 42 relationships per calendar conundrum).


Using FileMaker Pro "Sharing" is too slow across the network between home and the shop. Unfortunately, the client chokes at the price of FileMaker Server and to be honest, I don't think FMS would resolve the problem (maybe v12 will change the game but I don't think FMS11 would resolve the issue).


Client phoned me today. He is going to use Dropbox as the cloud/central access point to allow people to access the database. He has been using MYOB (FirstEdge … not the network edition) in similar fashion for the past few months successfully. Apparently, they use the phone to call each other when they went to use the MYOB file.


Is this "just so crazy it might work" or an unequivocal catastrophic corruption event just waitng to happen? I vote the latter.

Seriously, has anyone attempted this before. Can it work or is doomed to end in tears and a corrupt database?



Thanks in advance.



Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)