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    Alternatives to Troi Grabber plugin?


      I have a small client who needs video capture in his FileMaker solution. There is no way he's going to fork out $999 for a licence (I don't need it for any other project on the horizon), so I have been looking at alternatives. The only feasible option I have come across is the VideoRaptor plug-in. At about £17 a licence, this is a viable option, but I have been having a fair degree of trouble of getting it to run properly on Windows 7 (built-in and USB webcams) (seems fine on Mac OS X though it does sometimes freeze FileMaker requiring a Force Quit and reversion to a backup).


      Does anyone know of any alternatives? Ideally my client wants it running quietly and unobtrusively all the time so he can just click a button to capture the image to a record.


      (NB This is also posted on the FBA discussion list and elsewhere)

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          FileMaker Go for iPhone sounds like what you need according to the advertised feature set.

          "Record video or audio from your iPhone and add it directly to a container field."

          I haven't used FileMaker Go for this feature, but an iPhone is pretty unobtrusive.

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            Thanks Tom. I have been considering the iPhone. My client is slightly averse to this approach, but may be open to using an iPod Touch. Doesn't quite meet his needs for having the capturing video unobtrusively.


            I also have signature capture to consider…

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              I used Grabber for many years until it broke - that was a while ago. I loved it too! And am considering getting the 1K license. We ship around 30 solutions a year so cost is not a showstopper for us. We had a dev license for the old plugin and it definitely paid for itself (I think it was around $300 then).


              I replaced it with a quartz trick in a web viewer, until Apple decided to disable that (a big disapointment that was - and still a topic unto itself).


              CNSImage ended up doing the trick for me, along with a workflow to launch buddy picture. Pretty sure they have a demo on the site. I'm capturing stills, not video, so your workflow will be entirely different, but worth a look.


              hope this helps,






              just noticed that you need a Win alternative too. I do use CNSImage on that side but haven't found a workaround to get to the webcam consistently. I only ship 2 or 3 PC versions a year, though, and those don't need webcam capture - so I have not delved further. Maybe someone else with experience on the PC side with CNSImage can provide better suggestions regrading that. Good luck. -T


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                Thanks Tony. This may be a possiblity - I need only stills. but I'm not encouraged by your experiences on the Windows side.


                Any one else had any experience in this area?