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Alternatives to Troi Grabber plugin?

Question asked by on Apr 19, 2012
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I have a small client who needs video capture in his FileMaker solution. There is no way he's going to fork out $999 for a licence (I don't need it for any other project on the horizon), so I have been looking at alternatives. The only feasible option I have come across is the VideoRaptor plug-in. At about £17 a licence, this is a viable option, but I have been having a fair degree of trouble of getting it to run properly on Windows 7 (built-in and USB webcams) (seems fine on Mac OS X though it does sometimes freeze FileMaker requiring a Force Quit and reversion to a backup).


Does anyone know of any alternatives? Ideally my client wants it running quietly and unobtrusively all the time so he can just click a button to capture the image to a record.


(NB This is also posted on the FBA discussion list and elsewhere)