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    FM Runtime and Email




      I have a Windows FileMaker runtime which is available for general sale on XP, Vista and 7.


      My problem is that some customers don't have a default email client (e.g. Outlook ) installed on their PC that is configured to send email - I assume they're using a web mail solution such as GMail.


      As a result, when they select a button that initiates an email script step the runtime crashes.


      My question - Is there a way for FileMaker to trap this problem before or after the script step runs to prevent the crash occurring?






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          Any help appreciated!


          FM obviously can't test to see if there's an email client installed on the PC. However, can it not throw an error that can be trapped?

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            I would look into seeing if you can set the default email client through

            FM.  Give them a pop-up to ask permission and then you should be able to

            set the default email client to gmail.  On my PC when I click any email it

            opens an email in my browser with gmail.


            Josh Ormond


            On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 10:03 AM, plannedserendipity

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              There is a solution to your problem!


              Instead of sending via the build in email client do as follows:

              1. Create a setting popup [client] or [direct smtp] - you could call it somthing a bit more sexy!
              2. If the user chooses [client] your solution will do as before. If the user chooces [direct smtp] a new script will run.


              The new script is sending directly from FileMaker via smtp.


              You will need to give the users some setting fields to enter smtp server and maybe username and password.


              You could also set up a fixed smtp account with authentication.




              If you want to keep it as simple as possible: Just use the direct smtp model for everybody and forget about Outlook.


              Is this usable for you?

              Please do not hesitate if you need more detailed explanations.

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                Just one more ting:

                Another possibility is to use MailIT or another plugin (they are also working fine with runtimes). Check out the suggestion I described in the previous post. If you need to send HTML mails, to attach more than 1 file per email or other more advanced options ... then MailIT or smtpit may very well be the solution for you.

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                  Hi plannedserendipity

                  could you use the suggestions - or do you need more details?

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                    Thanks Carsten, I'll give you suggestion a go.