The new design tools are great but the new themes are pretty cheesy.

Discussion created by jgalt on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by Malcolm

The new design tools are great but the new themes are pretty cheesy. They look like they were designed by a first year art student in a single day, not a team of professional graphic designers. Most of the themes are very similar with only minor color variations. When you dig into them you quickly realize that there's really not much to choose from.

The big mistake that FileMaker made is linking the theme shapes and theme color palettes. Users should be able to manipulate these two things independently from each other. I should be able to define my own color pallet and save it as my own preset. How hard would that have been to implement? It seems like a talented programmer could have knocked this feature out in single day.

Filemaker, you are hindering my ability to design the interface that I want. You have not provided a way for me to manipulate all of the graphic elements that my users interact with. For example, I want total control over the scroll bar appearance in portals. Control of inner and outer shadows on fields. I want to globally define the field glow effect, the tab appearance (inner and outer shadows) etc., etc. Where are these controls? Am I missing the inspector where these elements can be manipulated?


If you give us an update that removes these design restraints you will sell more copies!