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    Button Auto-Resize Problem in FM12


      I am trying to create identical buttons with different text.


      For example, I want a row of 4 rectangular buttons that are 60 x 32 points in size. So I create the initial one and duplicate it for the other three. In FM12, if I change the text of the button, the button automatically resizes to the smallest size that fits the new text. This did not happen in FM11. With this new change in behavior, in FM12 my formerly aligned, identically sized buttons are now of different sizes and position. I have to manually enter their size and manually position the buttons so they are the right size and shape.


      How do you turn off automatic button resizing when you change the text of a button? This is a significant bug when it comes to creating similarly sized buttons.

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          It seems that buttons created in FMP 12 behave properly but those that come via conversion do not.

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            Stephen Huston

            This bug was reported to FMI during the  pre-Release software period. But feel free to remind FMI that this bug is still an issue... Please.


            It  happens when changing text attibutes, including color, on converted buttons. It seems that converted buttons are treated as text blocks rather than the same as fm12-native buttons, but even the alignment of the text within the button is ignored in the resizing.


            If I build/replace the old buttons with the FM12 button tool, the new buttons are OK, but it doen't seem to matter how many times I have updated, set states for, and readjusted any pre-12 buttons -- they continue to behave badly if I touch the text formating again later.

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              I'll add my voice to reporting this bug, which is a very serious matter in terms of productivity. When a solution contains many hundreds of buttons, the dimensions of which are critical to the UI and the operation of the layout, then changes caused by this bug are a matter of great concern.