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    FMS 12 writes in FMS 11 Installer Log


      Just a little confused:

      I uninstalled FMS 11 on our mac mini dev server. Then installed FMS 12.

      The entries in

      FMS 11 Installer Log

      are for FMS 12.

      The OS reports the document as being created on the date of FMS 12 installation, not FMS 11 installation or removal.

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          Stephen Huston

          Mac log files are not necessarily application specific. I've also seen conversion logs write multiple conversions done at different times but in the same location wrote adidtional content to existing conversion logs.


          It's hard to decide if this is a bug or a feature. Once you know it's happening, it can actually be useful to know your log is cummulative, but it wasn't expected behvior. I believe the app simply looks for a log file of the correct name in the proper location and uses it if it already exists.

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            IIRC, the docs on the developer copy of FMS identified the need to move or copy off the 11 log to keep the 12 install from overwriting it. So I think this is expected behavior. Not near my machine at the moment, though, so I can't verify.