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    Dont talk...


      Server 10, Client 11 on Mac 10.7: I have a script that speaks a dialogue aloud. With no pattern that I can identify, sometimes it speaks and sometimes it doesent. Has anyone got any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

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          Let's assume the server version is irrelevant. So FMP 11 on Mac with Lion. Same machine? Same dialogue? You could try a speak step in the startup script to see if it is session specific.

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            I noticed that voices with dialects take several seconds to load initially.  If you do not check "Wait for speech completion…", the script can terminate beforehand.

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              Is the text being spoken by FileMaker's Speak script step, or is it being done by the OS accessibility text to speach functions?

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                (Apologies for the slow response - I have been away!)


                It is a script step. It is a simple 'double-check' to prevent an irreversable action - the script both displays and reads aloud the record name so that the user is clear which record they are acting on.


                The issue is totally intermittant - sometimes it reads, sometimes it doesent. The script is used repeatedly, in quick sucession, as the user works though a series of records. Sometimes FM reads, sometimes it is silent. I cant work out why!

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                  How about the "Wait for completion" - checked or not?