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    having portal trouble :-(


      ok i have a problem...I am trying to create a portal and i have done this many times woth out problems but now what is happening is the fields appear to be behind the portal and hance are not showing in browse mode.

      I have attached a file on my screen shots...I am really confused...i hva emade many portals and i have done nothing different this time round....why suddenly is this happening...

      I would really appreciate any help

      I am using filemake11 on a PC

      thanks in advance for any help or suggestions


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          Hi Tina


          If it was last week, Friday 13, I would have believed it. Weird behaviour!

          Apart from sending the portal to the back using the Send to Back command, making the portal fill "transparent" or suggesting a corrupt layout, I have nothing.


          The file looks like an early development.

          Are you able to post it to the forum so we can take a look?


          Michael Richards

          Brisbane (Australia)

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            yes i can do that ...but can you tell me how to do this...???sorry i am new to the forum environment...*blush* still learning the ropes..

            I would be happy to post this anywere i can to help...and i agree if it was friday the 13th or even april fools day i would understand but aaarrgghhhh its driving me to distraction and i have no alcohol to help...lol

            thanks for you response

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              Is the layout set to print in multiple columns? Get that turned off or resize enerything to fit within the column.


              Also sort out the layout parts: make sure the tab object is wholly within the body.


              Also, fields will not appear in portals unless there are related records or the allow creation or related records option is selected.

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                Hi Tina


                Its Friday night, 9:45 pm in Australia - don't worry because I have the alcohol help well-and-truly covered.


                As for attaching/uploading/posting your database, my initial thought was ... too easy (a doddle). Inspecting the "Reply to tinacam" interface all I can see (Safari, Mac OS X) is Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethru, Bullets, Numbers, Insert Image (.fp7 not allowed), Insert Movie (.fp7 not allowed), Insert Link (.fp7 not allowed), Emoticon, Quote Previous Message, ABC and HTML.


                I am probably missing the obvious but the ability to attach files, like your Word document (.docx) in your original post, does not seem to be available in the Reply form. All I can suggest is to create a new "original" forum message and attach your database and Word document.


                Michael Richards

                Brisbane (Australia)

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                  well i am glad you have the alcohol...lol...but i am still stuck... when you say post to forum are you talking about fmforums.com ???

                  cause if you are i have done that and yes my file would not upload but i changed it ot PDF and it was fine..

                  ok i may have worked it out can i ask you...

                  if i have a

                  table1-----relatedTo Table2-----RelatedToTable3-----relatedTo Table4

                  I hope you get the diagram bit hard woth out the tools to demonstrate


                  ok so let say that I am using layout2 (for table 2) and am trying to display a portal that will pull data from table3, 4,and 1

                  will this work???


                  i know a little about relationships...but i dont know alot...still learning what i can and cant do...

                  but i would assume if these are all connected it would act like an information pipe to and from...but a could be wrong..

                  or would i need to create different table occurences and if so how would i dod this in the example...

                  what I am trying to accomplish is one layout that will display multiple portals from mulitple related tables..

                  just getting myself all confused

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                    Hi Tina


                    Email your file to tina@itraining.com.au and I will take a look.

                    I suspect Vaughan was correct about the fields not appearing if there are 0 related records.


                    The answer to:

                    "ok so let say that I am using layout2 (for table 2) and am trying to display a portal that will pull data from table3, 4,and 1

                    will this work???" is Yes.


                    Michael Richards

                    Brisbane (Australia)

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                      MAN!!! I just deleted it to start again...but i am happy to work on it and send it thru.....these table ocurrences confuse the hell out of me...

                      ok if you say it is possible to have layout2 display records from table3 4 &1 HOW???/:-( is this where the tables ocurrences come into play??

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                        how do i send the file to you...i have looked and looked I can find a way to zip it...

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                          I know how to zip i just dont know where to find my file...if i go into filemaker it just opens my file

                          I have tried programfiles but from there i get a bit lost. Maybe my brain is fried

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                            here is a scree shot of something i just did right now....but it is still not working...My head is about to explode