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    Help I am going crazy



      I am so lost it feels like my head is about to explode....

      I thought i had relationships all worked out...but the more i try the more i fail...

      none of my records are appearing in my portals...i have




      so its one manager-2--many stratsplans

      and one strataplan--2--jobs

      now on the layout strataplan i want to display many different records from different tables.


      so far i CAN display on the strataplan layout

      Managers and strataplans details

      however I can not for the life of me display the jobs.

      the manager and strataplan are displayed in fields and i am trying to get the jobs to appear in a portal

      but its just not working



      I am only new (very new) and i need simple explanations....please...


      what I have tried so far is many different way but nothing seems to work...I am ready to give up but I would rather not be beaten and continue so if there is someone out there that can feel my pain and frustration and is willing to be gentle and give me a real basic example I would really appreciate it..

      THanks in advance




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          Hello, Tina.


          Those of us with forehead bruises can relate.    :-)


          Is the portal pointed at the right relationship?

          Are all the fields in the portal pointed at the same relationship as the portal?

          Are there actually related records corresponding to the parent record you're currently looking at? (Might sound dumb, but you never know!)

          Are your key fields populated in both tables?

          Are the key values correct in both tables?


          Those are just some ideas off the top of my head. If none of that helps, maybe you can post the file and we can take a look.



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            i would love to post the file but i cant with all the bruises to my skull think how to do it...i tried to see a way to zip it but brain is refusing to budge...

            i am a mess...all the stuff you wrote sounds good...but how do i check it...

            ok I have the relationship the way i described above..

            when i draw out the portal I am asking it to show related records from Jobs.....then is asks me what fields i want so I am again choosing from the Jobs table..

            I do not know any other way..

            I have another portal working just fine

            from manager----strataplan

            on manager layout portal show related records from strataplan and all fields from strataplan and it works prefectly


            if you can give some instructions on how to find my file so i can zip it i would be grateful

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              Okay. Are you on the manager layout, or the strataplan layout, when you draw the new job portal?

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                strataplan layout..

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                  Okay. And records exist in the job layout that have the same value in the key field as they do in the current record on the strataplan layout?

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                    I have attached my zip file..brain finally gave in

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                      I added the strata foreign key to the jobs layout. There are no records where the foreign key is populated. That's why nothing shows up in the portal.



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                        so why is it not populating...I had them there but i tool them off...i dod not think they had to be there...

                        so that was my next question why does it not populate...

                        as you can see i am starting out and from what I have been told this is going to have to be a very elaborate database...

                        what have i done wrong...can you tell me where I went wrong and how I fix it in the future???

                        I just cant seem to make sense of it

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                          If you're going to create job records directly from strata records, you can have FileMaker populate the foreign key automatically for you by clicking the "Allow creation of records" checkbox in the Edit Relationship dialog, as seen below:




                          This will cause FileMaker to populate the foreign key with the primary key of the parent record when you create the child record through a portal.


                          If you're not going to create records through a portal, then you'll need to create a scripted process for users to create the child records. This typically involves storing the parent's key value somewhere (like in a variable), creating the child record, then sticking the value into the foreign key.





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                            ok firstly how did you get the image to appear inside the reply??

                            and second Ok i have clicked those boxes...but some of my information still does not populate...

                            is fillle maker really this difficult to understand????

                            i have pretty much duplicated my stratplan layout eg the fields

                            so on the left it has the related information eg the PK...the Spnumber and address and things

                            then on the right i have the information from Jobs table

                            but still the strata plan information does not populate i have ensured that everything is identical but nup...not working...

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                              Where are you trying to create records? Your DB has three tables:


                              1) Clients_SPD

                              2) Clients

                              3) Jobs


                              You have three layouts, as well:


                              1) Strata Plan Details

                              2) Clients

                              3) Jobs


                              Each of the layouts is based on the table occurrence of the same number. In FileMaker, every layout is based on (attached to) an underlying TO. This is the point at which that layout starts on the relationships graph:




                              So, which layout are you putting this portal on?


                              (Oh, and you put an image on the forum by saving the screen shot to a file and clicking the little camera icon.)



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                                ok i am putting the portal on the strataplan details layout


                                oh by  the way I have managed to get the portal working now...

                                Just as i was about to give up...well acutally i had given up...wrote my hubby a big long text about how useless i was cause i could not figure it out...head aching eyes hurting..i was going to bed...turned all the lights off.....then suddenly the lights turned on upstairs...restarted my computer...and got it working..

                                i do still have some tweaking to do..

                                what I want to do now is ok...long explaination..

                                in the company we do manhy different jobs...the idea of the portal os so we can see all the jobs that are going on...but also we have different catergories...like as an example





                                and so on

                                you may have noticed my portal was on a tab the idea was to show only one type of job on each of the different tabs...now i have this working to a certain degree..

                                I can get the quotes to show up on the quote tab and so on,... but my problem was...when i added the field "SP" and took it from the related table Jobs...the strata plane never matched the one on the layout ...so then i tried to populate it with the "SP" from the current table which did work but it populated too much and created blank entries...this may be stopped with some code and i did try to filter only jobs to appear if their JobID number was >0 but this made no difference.

                                so i am not sure what to do there...needless to say...I tool out this field and it is Perfect!!

                                I Am not sure if i need this field or not but if you know of a solution i would appreciate it...

                                I so appreciate your help thanks so much for jumping in and helping me out..

                                I am grateful


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                                  I think I understand what you're trying to accomplish. If I'm reading what you're saying correctly, these "jobs" aren't really jobs; they're types of jobs. Is that right?


                                  Assuming it is, then your data model is off (which is why your head is about to explode; it's not going to do what you want with the model you have). You want to join strata plans to jobs, but the relationship is set up to join strata plans to job types. That's not the same thing.


                                  When I join a plan to a job, it's a one-to-many relationship; one plan, many jobs. But when I join a plan to a job type, it becomes many-to-many. Any given plan can connect to any number of job types, and any given job type can connect to any number of plans.


                                  Is that a correct description of the problem?



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                                    well i think that would be right...but the one ting that does confuse me a but with the many to many. ok i will try and explain it as I know how



                                    I am a bit worried about my jobs table...as I am not sure whether i should have this or whether i should have a number of different tables like

                                    instead of job...have one callled





                                    and so on

                                    we have to quote on every job before it is approved so maybe


                                    • name
                                    • address
                                    • Strata plan
                                    • description
                                    • job type??
                                    • price



                                    then should i have a seperate table for each job??? or just one with a list of the different jobs??

                                    This is a very elaborate DB i am trying to build...i have so many things that need to be related

                                    I have so many questions....

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