Help I am going crazy

Discussion created by tinacam on Apr 20, 2012
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I am so lost it feels like my head is about to explode....

I thought i had relationships all worked out...but the more i try the more i fail...

none of my records are appearing in my portals...i have




so its one manager-2--many stratsplans

and one strataplan--2--jobs

now on the layout strataplan i want to display many different records from different tables.


so far i CAN display on the strataplan layout

Managers and strataplans details

however I can not for the life of me display the jobs.

the manager and strataplan are displayed in fields and i am trying to get the jobs to appear in a portal

but its just not working



I am only new (very new) and i need simple explanations....please...


what I have tried so far is many different way but nothing seems to work...I am ready to give up but I would rather not be beaten and continue so if there is someone out there that can feel my pain and frustration and is willing to be gentle and give me a real basic example I would really appreciate it..

THanks in advance