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    Container Storge Bug FileMaker Pro 12


      There seems to be a bug with the new store container data externally, relative to location feature. Your only option that is available for the relative to pop up is the actual database name ([database location]/Files/<FileName>/), which is fine. However, if you change the file name and go in to edit the relative to path you are still stuck with the old file name. Even turning the external storage off, flushing cache, closing the database, quitting FileMaker, etc. and tyring to re-establish the relative path to the correct (new) file name does not work. You are 100% stuck with the original file name in the path. The next thing I did is try to create a new container field. Of course, the same problem still exits, I can only choose the old file name. This could be extremely confusing for people that keep their systems organized in a logical manner -to have a file path that is different than the actual file name.


      Therefore, another item that I might add to the wish list is the ability to use the Self function when creating the open storage file path. For example, if I wanted to create universal code to generate an additional path I would want it to add TableName/FieldName/RecordID/ using the calculation below. If the Self function worked the code would look like what I have below in the example and could be re-applied to any container field without having to change anything. However, Self does not work for this calcualtion as the calc engine returns an error and does not let you use it. You have to specify the exact field name. I hate having to hard code values that should be dynamic. Since the calculation is attached directly to the field itself I certainly don't understand why Self doesn't work the same way as the auto enter calc feature.





      Path = Substitute ( GetFieldName ( Self ) ; "::" ; "/" )



      Path & "/" & Get(RecordID)



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          Hi Todd: Here's how it works, assuming your solution is closed...


          1. In Finder/Windows Explorer, rename your database file; for example, "My Notes" is renamed to "Research Notes".
          2. Navigate to the "Files" folder where all of the externally stored container files are kept.
          3. Locate the folder named with the old name of your solution ("My Notes" in this example), and rename the folder to the new name ("Research Notes" in this example).
          4. Open the renamed database file and choose the menu, File > Manage > Containers.
          5. In the Storage tab of the Manage Containers dialog, double-click the base directory that points to, [database location]/Files/My Notes/.

            Manage Containers.png
          6. Change "My Notes" in the path to "Research Notes", and click OK twice to save your changes.


          If the externally stored container field is on the startup layout (so FMP attempts to render it before you've changed the base directory path), it may not display the container contents after you've edited the path. Just close and then re-open your database file to force it to redraw the container using the new base directory path. HTH.




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            Thanks, I got it. That certainly works.


            Todd Duell, MBA


            Formulations Pro, Inc.




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              Hi Dave


              Does this same instruction apply if the file is hosted?


              For example if I have a file that was initialled name File1 was using open storage where the base directory was using File1 and I just renamed this file and loaded it to a different server it looks like the new base directories is still pointing to File 1.


              How do you go about changing that?

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                The real problem it seems to me is that 12 won't manage remote storage on remote volumes in a hosted environment so all your documents get pushed to the local volumes of your FM server. I understand why FMI did this but it's a non-starter for lots of my customers unfortuneately.