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    FileMaker 11 Certified Developer


      My boss asked me an interesting question yesterday; how long would it take to become a FileMaker Certified Developer?

      So, I ask the same question.

      On average, how long will it take to become a FileMaker Certified Developer?



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          Buy the FM Training series, learn it, then sit the test: maybe a couple of weeks.


          Had you asked "how long it will take to become a good developer" then I'd have given a MUCH different answer.

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            At the moment company has 5 (soon 6) Certified FileMaker Developers.

            We do not let our developers attend the test before they have worked with FileMaker for at least 18 months - being part of a team who develop FileMaker solutions.


            I do of course agree 100% with what Vaughan writes about the difference between being certified and being a good developer. But you will probably need much more than a few weeks just to pass the test.


            To pass the test you really have to understand how FileMaker works and to have a lot of fingertip knowledge regarding database development and FileMaker. I would say: If you have worked a lot with FileMaker, then you could maybe pass the test after using a few weeks with the training series.


            But to become a good database and FileMaker developer I would suggest:

            Work together with a team of experienced developers. Exchange ideas and knowledge. Present your methods and modify them and learn about conventions and Best Practice.


            At our company we are:

            • Having "15 sharp minutes" or twice every week with a presentation of a technical/FileMaker relevant issue. One of us who is an expert within a limited area will present and explain the deeper technicalities of a problem or solution.
            • At least once a month we are having technical workshops. First a presentation and then everybody has to come up and present a solution to a problem.
            • We are attending the FileMaker Devcon Scandinavia (we are actually arranging the Copenhagen conference).
            • We are attending the FileMaker Devcon in the US.
            • We are discussing and presenting problems and solutions all the time.

            And no project is done without involving at least one Certified Developer.

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              Hey Carstin, your workshop sounds like a great place to work!


              I'd also add that every developer needs to (in this order):


              build a solution for themselves

              build a solution for somebody else and put it into production

              maintain a solution built by somebody else

              go back and maintain the solution they built themselves earlier.

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                Hi Vaughan,


                Yes, and the 4 point list you present is actually referring to something not even addressed in the Certification process: The need for Conventions:-) and thereby making sure that we understand the solution when coming back to it or that other developers can work with it.

                Having them, developing them and keep using them!




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                  Thank you all.

                  I'll pass on your comments to my boss.