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Multi-layer relationship - Don't want to reinvent the wheel

Question asked by tonymaycpa on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by tonymaycpa

I am just beginning to create a database but the main thrust of the "customer's" request is a stumbling block at the moment.


Our Government Contract Administrator wants to keep track of our government contracts.


For a given contract there can be many CLINs (contract line items) (one-to-many). That's the easy part.


The government will incrementally fund each CLIN which means there can be many fundings for each CLIN. (one-to-many again).


The database desing part is easy enough but I not accustomed with FileMaker enough to easily figure out how to allow the user to first creat a contract, then the multiple CLINs, and then the funding for each CLIN. Initially there will only be one funding for each CLIN so entering the funding as you enter each CLIN may make more sense for the data entry staff.


Later when the second funding comes in the data entry staff will have to find the specific CLIN and add an additional funding record.


One of the reports that will be requested by management will be what is the total value of all of the CLINs on a given contract and what is the total amount funded on a given contract. Still trying to grasp the concept of forms and reports (Access minded) to a combined Layout function that accomplishes either/both tasks.


I have played around with having a portal on top of a portal but struggling. If anyone has seen or done this type of structure I would greatly appreciate any information. I can extropolate very well so if it is just close I can take that and run.


I have years of experience with creating database in Access but I have not had to do a multi-layer relationship like this though I would probably have created a Contract Details screen that lists all of the CLINs and then have a link on each CLIN line that would pop up a modal dialog screen to enter the funding for that CLIN. Kind of annoying for the user to bring up a screen for the funding, close it, go to the next CLIN, click the link to bring up the screen again but for the next CLIN.


Thanks in advance.