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Dual Monitors.  Is it possible to have two active layouts one on each monitor?

Question asked by inov8pro on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by carlo.m

I'm building a guest check-in system. Ultimately, if possible, I would like two monitors. One monitor would have a "Check-In" layout for the staff to print the Credential and/or update data. I would like the second monitor to have a "Guest Contact Info" layout that would contain the current contact information for the guest. This way the guest could identify if the databse has the correct information. I suppose I could duplicate the displays but I would prefer the Guest not be able to see the "Check In" layout, not becuase it's a secret but it would look cleaner that way.


Is this possible with Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced or any verson of FileMaker?