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    Export with xsl-stylesheet fast in FM9...very slow on FM11-client and FM12 client




      I have several scripts which creates large MS Word *.rtf documents by using an xsl-stylesheet. Works great FMS9 and FM9 clients.

      But now I want to use some of the "new" features of FM11/12 such a scripttriggers "on modify fields".

      So I first intalled FMS11 and FM11 client.

      Tried this script:


      In FM9 it was a matter of seconds and there was a MS-Word document (about 15 pages) filled with FM data.

      In FM11 it took about...1 minute...... with our 60 consultants....can you emagine what that will cost


      What I have tried already:

      FMS9 and FM9 client: fast

      FMS9 and FM11 client: slow

      FMS9 and FM9 client open and FM11 client open using the same script simultaneously. FM9:Fast FM11:slow .......so FM11 is definitely the bottleneck

      FMS11 and FM11 client: slow

      FMS12 an FM12 client: slow

      Sent DDE execute.............limited with 255 characters, so not an option at all due to large amount of text.


      Is there a solution for this slow behavior?


      Greetings and thank for your support,