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    IWP / CWP Conflict FMSA 12


      Good Day All,


      Has anyone heard or observed a conflict btween IWP and CWP on FMSA 12?


      If so could you provede any details.





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          As they use totally different communication methods to do what they do, I can't see how there would be a conflict...


          I can see problems if two people edit the same record at the same time, but that holds true for two people doing so through CWP at the same time as well...

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            Thanks for the reply webko,


            I posted this question after reading a RANT on anotther forum about how bad the FM 12 line of products is.  Once example stated was the conflict of CWP and IWP with FMSA 12.  I have not seen any conflict and your post is the first since I posted on April 21.


            I agree the conflict is questionable.



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              Under normal circumstances Webko would be correct. However, we have found that some people have recieved an incorrect license key for FMS12A which allows either CWP or IWP, but not both. We already have a fix for this that will be included in an upcoming vrev. In the meantime, anyone whose FMS12A installation is exhibiting this behavior should contact FileMaker Customer Support and request an updated license key that will resolve this issue. As far as we have been able to determine, this problem does not occur with the FMS12A development license keys that were distributed to FileMaker Developer Subscribers.

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                Yes, I was one of the unlucky people that had the 'faulty' license keys distributed by FMI. Now with the new license keys, FMS12 is flying along.


                With the faulty keys, you may see '802' errors with CWP & IWP in the logs, and also once a IWP page is accessed, sometime all CWP pages will not work,sometimes only a few would work, even though the admin console says everything is ok.


                In my case, I was also getting '403' errors (Exceeding max # of users for trial license), so it may be worth checking your logs for that also.


                This issue was the most stressful 4 weeks of my 20 year FileMaker career! But now it's solved (for me anyway), I'm very happy with FMS12.