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Multiway Relationship -- How to Structure AKA's

Question asked by alas on Apr 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by bumper

I have a situation where there is a name which will be the "primary" name, but there are also AKAs for that primary name (other related names as the primary name may be sometimes referred). So let's say the primary name is Michael, but there are related akas of Mike, Mikey, Miguel, etc.


I would like to setup a table/relationship where if someone is looking for one name, the related names can be found as well. But where it is confusing me is if I want the related names to be related to each other as well.


So I can figure out how to have a record for Michael with related aka's of Mike, Mikey, Miguel, etc.

But what about having Mike be related to Mikey, Miguel, etc., and not just Michael.


Do I have to have separate records for all of the permutations and combinations?


Is there a better way to think about/approach this?


So to clarify the usage, I want to assign to a record one of the predefined Primary Names. But if someone is doing a search for a name and they put in an AKA, I want it to find the Pimary name as well as all of the related AKAs.


Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.