One customer, multi vehicles

Discussion created by tbcomputerguy on Apr 21, 2012
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Not sure why I am stumped on this because i thought i understood how to do this but here it goes. I have an invoicing solution for an automotvive garage. My problem lies in the fact that one customer can have more than one vehicle. I have it set up currently as I have a master vehicle table that you select the id customer, then enter all the current vehicle info. When on the customer screen you see the customer info and a portal showing all related vehicles to that customer. Now here is where I get stuck. When entering a new estimate for a repeat customer, the customer may have more than one vehicle. I have an id_vehicle field setup to draw the vehicles from the vehicle table. I am pretty sure I need some sort of filtered drop down. But not to sure how to go about this. I have done this with a self join on contacts before, but for some reason i think i have to do something different. Can someone shed some light on the situation.