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Discussion created by myFMbutler on Apr 23, 2012

Ghent, Belgium - April 23, 2012 - myFMbutler, the makers of Clip Manager 4.1 for Mac, a popular developer tool used extensively by FileMaker developers, today announced the immediate availability of Clip Manager Express for Windows.

About Clip Manager Express for Windows

myFMbutler's Clip Manager Express is a program that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layout objects in an easy-to-use library.

You can copy and store objects that have been copied to FileMaker's own clipboard, and then re-use them later.

You can also easily make batch changes to the clippings, and then send the updated field, script, custom function or layout back to FileMaker's clipboard.

Product highlights

• Store complete FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps and layouts in an easy-to-use library.

• Send FileMaker elements from your library to the FileMaker clipboard, for easy creation or updating of databases.

• Make batch changes to the clippings either using 'Find & replace' within Clip Manager, or using your preferred text editor, and then send the updated field, script or layout back to FileMaker's clipboard.

• A 'Clip History' option allows you to automatically store all elements that are copied in FileMaker in a Clip History database - you can then later search and retrieve them and store them as separate clip files if you like

• An Inspector window: the Inspector window shows a summary of all objects in your clip.

• The Clip View is a human readable way to see and manipulate your clip.

•  File format is compatible with Clip Manager 4.1 for Macintosh

System requirements

FileMaker Pro 12/11 Advanced on Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home Premium or Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 3).

Pricing and availability

Clip Manager Express is available today for EUR 59,- or about USD 77,-  and EUR 199,- or about USD 262,- for a site license.

A 30-day trial of Clip Manager Express for Windows is available for download on the myFMbutler web site.

About myFMbutler

myFMbutler is an initiative by SHpartners, a longtime FileMaker FBA Platinum partner. SHpartners received a "FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA Business Partner of the Year" at DevCon 2008.

myFMbutler's goal is to provide a wide range of tools that help FileMaker developers create better solutions.

"Whether it be through the use of our plug-ins, or some of our other solutions that extend on the capabilities of FileMaker, we want to offer developers a way to improve their products, and help them finish their projects faster."


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