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Hardware Specs for FMP 12

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Apr 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by AllegroDataSolutions

This probably won't change anything for my clients, as most of them have found version 12 too slow but have not budget to upgrade all their hardware. But, to put a figure on the cost, I wanted to try to determine the minimum real world hardware requirements that would allow an existing solution built in FMP 11 to run with AT THE SAME SPEED in FMP 12 when converted.


Thinking about the most complex solution (greatest number of records as well as features) I would appreciate it if those developers who say that they have found FMP 12 to run as fast (or faster) than version 11 locally (NOT on a WAN) could post the specs of their systems here (Macs and PCs). I am hoping that this will give us some baseline to determine what it actually will cost, per user, to upgrade to version 12. It would help if you could also note the platform and OS version you are using as well.




(P.S. I am not talking about the minimum published tech requirements for FMP 12. I'm trying to establish the point where the user could switch machines and not feel like ver 12 is running slower than ver 11. Perhaps a bit subjective, but what we are dealing with here is user perception and in most cases, with ver 12, this has been a deal breaker).