Fundamental Concepts of Relational Theory _ANy New White Papers?

Discussion created by ian.moree on Apr 22, 2012
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I have to tell you, finding this sort of "DOCUMENTATION" as well as Understanding Table Context for a New Developer within Filemaker is

extremely challenging.

It seems that lots of forums for filemaker deal with very Small databases / basic topics, specific calculation help, but having a proper Paper

describing relational Context and theory within filemaker is just not found.


I have read the books ( fmp bible ( ray cologon ), missing manual, filemaker beyond( CRAP! ),etc


THis issue is when you are dealing with 7 - 15 tables that interconnect, you are looking at advanced documentation to help you with a basic concept? I am ranting now, but

can someone Please, pretty please send me ANY links, docs, papers, devcon articles, etc,etc on these issues. I really am wanting to understand rather than just copying other persons solutions and adding small improvements to them.


cheers & thanks for any help offered in advance,